Richard Bell’s The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party is the most ambitious of the Imagining Victory trilogy that also includes the works Scratch an Aussie and Broken English, also produced in collaboration with Suzanne Howard. The Dinner Party project uses Brisbane’s picturesque riverfront as a backdrop for a well-catered dinner party in a luxurious mansion. Over the course of the dinner a number of affluent Australians will speak, as if privately, of their views of the interrelationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. These conversations and discussions occur within a context of privilege, both economic and social, and far-removed from the most obvious sites of Aboriginal disaffection and political, cultural, social and economic inequities.

Video Stills from Richard Bell’s Dinner Party 2013


Vernon Ah Kee’s Waru

Vernon Ah Kee’s conceptual text pieces, videos, photographs and drawings are primarily a critique of Australian culture, specifically the black white dichotomy. The Waru Cricket Project has at its core an acute sense of inquiry and is comprised of a three screen video installation documenting the philosophy and social dynamic of the Waru Cricket Team, an all Indigenous cricket team who are based in Innisfail, North QLD.


David M Thomas’ Dream Job

The Expanded Portrait Dream Job is an elaborate collage of found ideological material. It is a complex metaphor for the collection, presentation and maintenance of personal beliefs and self-images. Dream Job reifies processes of self-construction and expands upon my interest in portraying an ongoing process of considered subjectivity as work.

Dream Job (5 min excerpt, 2012) from David Thomas on Vimeo.