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Suzanne Howard

Inter-media artist Suzanne Howard works across video, installation, performance and documentary film. Howard is the partner and collaborator of David M Thomas, with whom she has worked on a range of projects including Thomas’s “I Am Quite Sure I do not Understand the Question”, “ Dream Job” and “Expanded Portraits” and most recently the electronic music collaboration “Weekend Immendorf”.  Much of her own work has focused on cross-cultural discourse in Australia and Indonesia. In recent years Howard has produced, directed and edited videos for two of Australia’s most prominent indigenous artists – Richard Bell and Vernon Ah Kee.  These works have been screened internationally at the Moscow and Venice Biennales. Howard’s documentaries include The Golden Pig, Chairman Marr’s Party, Traces, Dishlickers and Mangiare Bene (To Eat Well).

David M. Thomas

Working across a diverse range of tactile and electronic media, David M. Thomas addresses the idea of the self through the use of language, jokes and the manipulation of his and other people’s images and appearance. These physical and digital interventions result in painting, sculpture and moving image works that both defend and question the nature of the modern individual. An important way of working for Thomas is directed collaboration, which forms the basis for the production and participation in his Expanded Portrait works.  His Expanded Portrait works have been screened widely throughout Australia, including the National Portrait Gallery (Canberra), Monash Gallery (Melbourne), Queensland College of Art Gallery, the Museum of Brisbane and The University of Queensland Art Museum